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9BB5P006D-T512A Cable F.O. 6 fiber MM OM4 50/125 OFNP mtrs Siemon

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XGLO™ & LightSystem Indoor Tight Buffer Distribution(US)

Siemon indoor tight buffer cables are ideal for data centers, campus and building backbones. Siemon fiber optic cables are offered in XGLO and LightSystem configurations supporting high-speed, applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit ATM and Fiber Channel.


XGLO Multimode Laser Optimized 50/125 OM3, OM4 (Aqua Jacket), Singlemode OS1 (Yellow Jacket), LightSystem Multimode 62.5/125 OM1, 50/125 OM2 (Orange Jacket)

Part # Fiber Count Construction
9BB(X)(X)002B-(XXXX)A 2 1 tube of 2 fibers
9BB(X)(X)004C-(XXXX)A 4 1 tube of 4 fibers
9BB(X)(X)006D-(XXXX)A 6 1 tube of 6 fibers
9BB(X)(X)008E-(XXXX)A 8 1 tube of 8 fibers
9BB(X)(X)012G-(XXXX)A 12 1 tube of 12 fibers
9BB(X)(X)016C-(XXXX)A 16 4 tubes of 4 fibers
9BB(X)(X)024L-(XXXX)A 24 1 tube of 24 fibers
9BB(X)(X)036D-(XXXX)A 36 6 tubes of 6 fibers
9BB(X)(X)048G-(XXXX)A 48 4 tubes of 12 fibers
72 6 tubes of 12 fibers
Use 1st (X) to specify fiber type: 5 = 50/125μm, 6 = 62.5/125μm, 8 = Singlemode
Use 2nd (X) to specify fiber jacket type: R=Riser OFNR, P= Plenum OFNP
Use (XXXX) to specify class performance: G109 = OM1 62.5μm, T109 = OM2 50μm,T312 = OM3 50μm Laser Optimized,T512 = OM4 50μm Laser Optimized, E205 = OS1/OS2 Singlemode

Note: Contact Siemon Customer Service for cables available in fixed reel lengths. (unit of measure) F=feet
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